NerayArt Etsy Shop for Pole Dancers

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It was Boxing Day 2016 and I was looking around online for some pole shorts sales. While on my hunt, I came across this Etsy store, Neray Art. I instantly fell in love with the Sexy Gothic Hot Pants and had to have them. Ordering online from a store you don’t know well is always a risk. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes the pictures are better looking than the actual product. However these pole shorts blew me away when I got them. I jumped for joy when I put them on the first time. They fit perfect and they look amazing! I am in love with these shorts.

I see some other shorts I’m interested in too. I may have to make another order again soon. I am a size extra small in these hot pants. My hips are 31 inches, my waist is 26 inches. I am 5 foot 3 and 115 pounds if that info helps anyone decide what size to order.

Click HERE to order from NerayArt!

The Pole House

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On Saturday February 18th, Roxy and I hit up The Pole House in London Ontario for a pole play date. This was my first time at The Pole House. Emily the owner went hardcore on this studio and did an amazing job. Sporting 20 static/spinny poles 18 feet tall, 6 aerial silks, beautifully designed changing rooms, and a professional stage to perform on. This is the biggest pole studio in Canada! #polegasm

Emily is very unique to the pole community. She has a very unique style what I like to call as, magical flow. I love watching her perform in shows. She really knows how to take my breath away. Not only is she a bad ass pole dancer, she has so much passion for her sport which makes her business so successful.

I highly recommend The Pole House in London Ontario if you want to train and learn pole and aerials.

Check out The Pole House website here for upcoming classes.

Here is a little video Roxy and I made.

Here is a freestyle video we did LIVE for facebook.

My Secret Exotic Pole Playlist

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.. You’re welcome!

When I’m teaching my classes at SASS, I like to have a really good playlist. A lot of my students have asked, what is this? Or, what are you playing?

This is what I do…

I have been using Soundcloud since the beginning of my pole career. What I do is I just search up random tags such as dubstep, trap, drum and bass, electonica, EDM, chill, etc. I just go through my search results, listen to a few tunes while I’m chilling one evening and if I like them I click like. So then when it comes time to create a playlist for something, I add all the liked songs to a new playlist. And if you are reading my site, then you are lucky enough to have my playlist of good ‘pole-able’ music for your enjoyment.

Bow Down Bitches!

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Michelle Shimmy does it again with another epic performance at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016. This performance is just brilliant on all levels. According to her youtube and facebook, all the comments you hear in the performance are real comments from real people.

Here is a quote directly from her youtube channel,

Here is my Miss Pole Dance Australia performance! All of the comments you hear in my show were taken from real life comments left online. Society uses shame as a way to control female sexuality, and “slut shaming” is the ultimate way to put a woman back in her place. But hell no! Here’s to refusing to stay in your place, to refusing to be shamed for being a glorious, sexual, strong, fierce and fearsome creature. This performance is dedicated to all the pole dancers out there who are doing their thing, and doing it their way – and not paying attention to the haters and the trolls, and all the people who will try to tell you how a good girl should behave. This performance is dedicated to all the dancers out there who won’t accept being told how to dress, how to act, how to dance, how to express themselves. Life is too short to spend it worrying about what people think of you. Get out there and dance your way. Zero fucks. Nothing but love! PS Thank you to the trolls for the inspiration and the material for my show!

Pole dancers around the globe can really relate to Michelle Shimmy. Slut shaming is a world problem we need to fix.

A Witch’s Performance Spell Bottle

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To Ignite Your Inner Badass Performance Artist.

You already have all the magic inside of you. This won’t give you courage, confidence and strength, this will ignite the courage, confidence and strength you already possess. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, this is a symbol to remind yourself you are worthy, valuable and you have your own radiating magic inside of you that will shine for your future performance. First 3 privates who register with me at SASS will get one for free! Ingredients will be disclosed during your lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚

Private Lessons At SASS

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It’s pole training season! Got a show coming up? New to performing? Want some private lessons with me at SASS Studio? I’ve been performing for over 6 years with 8 years of pole experience. I have performed over 50 times and I have learned a lot over the years! I’m here to help with private lessons at Sass studio! Email me at for more info!

Nature & Pole Dancing

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So today work is canceled due to freezing rain making it unsafe to drive anywhere. Missing summer, I spent the morning binge watching pole videos when suddenly I had a thought. How many pole dancers recorded their art in nature? So I did a quick google search and viola! There are many! I even included mine. Now I really cannot wait for nicer weather to record more art in nature! Poling outside is seriously the best thing ever. The air, the sun, the birds… ahhh so nice! Talk about endorphin boosting overload! Last summer I took the pole to Hamilton Beach for some play time with my pole pal Roxy. I only used my Iphone 6 and the quality was quite decent. Imagine if I actually had a professional video camera!

If any of you find any others that I have not included that should be here, feel free to let me know! These are beautiful videos to watch on a day you are stuck inside and need some creative inspiration.

Anyone wanna make some more art with me this summer?

Phoenix Kazree

Jelena & Nela

Erika Rodgers

Laura Moya Padilla

Eleni Vazana



Sarmite Podzina-Matuze

Ada Bielecka

Yoga Triggers Anxiety

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Pppsssst. I have a secret. Yoga gives me anxiety. Sometimes yoga triggers a full blown anxiety/panic attack. Yes it’s true and this can happen to other people.

I’ve had my struggles with mental health but I am very proactive about my health. That means that I am always actively seeking ways of which to better my health both mentally and physically. In my journey to better health, I have learned that yoga would be great for my ailments. Or so I thought. But now I understand why yoga doesn’t work for me.

In the past when I have taken yoga classes, majority of the time my anxiety becomes triggered. I can feel my amygdala firing. My chest starts to tighten up. I feel like I can’t breathe. My brain just starts screaming at me to run! At first this doesn’t make any sense. In a peaceful environment where I am supposed to feel safe and breathe out my stresses, it actually causes the opposite reaction for me. After being diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago, this now finally makes sense why I react this way to yoga and I have learned through therapy why yoga doesn’t work for me.

With PTSD comes intrusive thoughts, ย emotional numbness, disassociation, a constant state of fight or flight, flash backs, etc. When your brain has been damaged by trauma, these symptoms become almost impossible to control. Nothing like being in some yoga post for a long period of time and suddenly your brain starts reacting like you are going to fucking die or something! So now I just associate yoga with uncomfortable feelings of fight or flight.

Yoga = Uncomfortable feelings of fight or flight = Avoidance.

It is scientifically true that trauma get’s stored in your body somewhere. I think with yoga, it activates my trauma. Trauma makes you feel like you are not in control. When I am stuck in a pose trying to breath it out, I feel stuck and trapped. My amygdala fires.

The last time I took a yoga class was sometime in August of 2016. I would have to say that I did okay in that yoga class I took. I knew the instructor very well. In fact she was Shanyn, my boss, owner of SASS. I think knowing the instructor very well eased my yoga anxiety. Perhaps because I knew she knew me well and my struggles so I felt like I didn’t have to worry about being judged. I had a few moments of anxiety during her yoga class, but when that happened I remembered through therapy that I have a fucking choice to be here! This is my choice! I am in control! Everything is going to be okay! Reminding myself that I have the choice to do this yoga move or not lifted my anxiety a little.

I don’t get these feelings with Pole. I think with pole, I am so focused on holding myself on the pole and not falling to my death that the traumatic intrusive thoughts stay away. Pole doesn’t seem as dangerous to me than my intrusive thoughts or flashbacks. Pole always activates my endorphins so I always seem to associate pole with happiness.

Pole = Endorphins = Happiness

So folks, yoga may not be for everyone. So if anyone every tells you that yoga triggers anxiety, it’s probably because of past trauma. It’s something to be aware of and understanding. Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not giving up on yoga completely though. Shanyn is going to be teaching more yoga classes at SASS and I may try them again because you know, need to work on my excitability ya’ll! I had some success with Shanyn before, I am sure I will have more success.

With that said, please check out for upcoming yoga classes with Shanyn at SASS! She’s amazing. I love her! You will love her too!


New Session and Workshop Coming Soon!

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Unleash your inner exotic Goddess in this new 6 week session and or workshop, complete with sexy pole tricks, floorwork, basework and heel clacking dance moves. This session and workshop is great for anyone who wants to learn the sexier side of pole to complement your pole tricks or open up your exotic side. No experience necessary. Beginners and all levels welcome. Message me at polewitch at gmail dot come or contact SASS, dance at polefit dot ca ! ๐Ÿ™‚