MightyGrip Review

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Photo By Sandy RoseSome people have asked me what are on my ankles and knees. For my ankles I am wearing Mighty Grip’s ankle protectors with tack and for my knees I am wearing Mighty Grip/Liquid Motion’s knee pads with tack.

As a professional pole dancer, I can assure you that an investment in these affordable items are worth it. They will save your ankles and knees from pole abuse and won’t interfere with your bad ass pole skills.

Nothing else makes you curse louder on the dance floor than when you smash your ankles on the poles! There are some pole tricks that I love to do but they are impossible to do without smashing your ankles. Practicing these tricks over and over are going to leave your ankles and surrounding area black and blue. So I found that it was better to train with the ankle protectors to save my delicate body parts from pole abuse. I believe my last performance at The Girlie Show in Hamilton Ontario was the first time I performed with the ankle protectors on. I chose to wear them not to save my ankles this time but mainly because I liked the way they looked and they matched my outfit. Also I only have 1 pair of Pleaser shoes at the moment so I wanted to make my shoes look slightly different from the last time I performed. The Mighty Grip ankle protectors can be worn with or without shoes. With the added tack, they really help you with your pole climbing and will save your skin from being ripped off. If I am ever volunteering to be a Pole Kitten (aka pole cleaner), these ankle protectors are a must because if I didn’t wear them, I’d have no skin left on my feet, ankles and surrounding area by the end of the night.

Exotic pole dancing is brutal on your knees! All those drops, floorwork and knee pivots are going to leave your knees black and blue. MightGrip/Liquid Motion’s knee pads are ingeniously designed for pole dancers. The front is padded to protect your knees and soft enough to be able to slide around easier. The back has tack which helps you grip the pole so that you can still do leg hangs and other pole tricks. I chose to wear the knee pads for this performance because I had planned on doing lots of floorwork and I wanted to be able slide better on my knees. Other times when I have performed some floowork/basework moves without knee pads, I don’t think I execute the moves as nicely because the stage isn’t as slippery on my knees as I liked it to be. Damn I love these knee pads!

Thank you MightyGrip!

Photo by  Sandy Rose. http://www.flickr.com/photos/amsandy/


Philosophy on my Sexy Pole Class at SASS

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I teach an exclusive, special kind of class at SASS Studio; sexy pole flow & floorwork. I have been running this class for a couple years now. It was designed by me but I think I’ve taught this class differently almost every time because I want to make sure that women of all levels can learn what I teach. This is why I advertise ‘no experience necessary’ as I like to cater to beginners and at the same time I can make my class challenging for advance pole dancers too.

Why Sexy Pole?

As pole dancing became more mainstream and more about fitness and strength, at the same time the sexy side of pole also became more popular too. With the feminist movement and the demand for equal rights, I think what’s happening here is that women also want complete control of their bodies and sexuality and to be able to freely express that without consequences. So there is a demand for sexy pole dancing and I just supply it. I’ve noticed women don’t come to my class to learn to dance sexy for their man. I’ve noticed women come to me to learn how to awaken their inner exotic goddess and to learn to dance for themselves! I’ve had strippers take my class (and they are always welcome), but I really don’t think strippers took my class to be a better stripper. My class won’t teach you how to be a better stripper. I don’t have the knowledge on that! Women take my class to connect with themselves.

So what am I teaching?

barebackgreyWhat I’m teaching is modern pole dancing. Modern pole dancing is the combination of pioneer stripper moves (invented by strippers) and new modern pole dance moves. The thing about modern pole dancing is that it’s still in the inventing stages. Still! There is no rule book or manual on how to do these moves because everything is still being re-created even to this very moment. I have even created my own moves or re-created moves from old stripper moves. With that said, I like to tell my students that I don’t expect you to be able to do my moves exactly the way I teach it. If your body wants to do something differently than what I’m teaching, then go for it! I encourage that! There’s no wrong way to dance. Even some of my own moves are failed attempts at learning other dancers moves. So I’ve re-created moves as something new to fit my level of fitness. This is the beauty of modern pole dancing; you can do whatever the fuck you want!

The pole studio as a women’s safe space.

My most important goal every time I teach one of these sessions, is to make sure that our studio is a safe space for women to freely express themselves. In this day an age when things are supposed to be progressively moving forward, a large part of society also seems to also be moving backwards. This is why I feel that safe spaces for women are so important. One of the perks of taking my sexy pole flow & floorwork class is on the last class we get to have a dress up party! I encourage women to dress up (if they want to, no pressure) and wear something you wouldn’t normally wear to a fitness class. In the past I’ve had women wear a sexy bra from Victoria’s Secret with their pole shorts. I’ve had women dress up in lingerie. They have worn kinky outfits and fishnets. I’ve seen glittery outfits, etc. I want you to wear whatever makes you feel good. On the last class we just party in our outfits going over the routine. We celebrate our inner exotic goddesses and our acheivements while feeling confident in our bodies.

It’s truely a therputic experience if you have been harmed by the patriarchy.

If you are interested in taking my specialty sexy pole flow & floorwork class at SASS Studio, check out our site! http://www.polefit.ca

Happy New Moon & Samhain

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ImageJ=1.43u Did you just feel that? If you are suddenly having new ideas popping into your head, feeling inspired to do or try something and letting go of past things that serve no purpose to you, this is no coincidence. Write down what you are feeling, right now! This new moon, the day before Samhain is a special and powerful new moon. It signifies setting new intentions, becoming more your true self, making changes and setting new goals for yourself.

And I wish everyone a beautiful and powerful Samhain! Happy Witches New Year! 🙂

Vlogging The Great White North

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I am blessed to of had the opportunity to work the door and tickets at The Great White North Pole Dance Competition on Saturday October 15, 2016. I had a perfect side stage view to watch every performer as well as greet the guests who arrived. Here is a quick vlog of that magical full moon warm night. I really feel at home when I am with the Pole Community. Here we are a large army of diverse, creative, passionate and loving people who accepts people of all walks of life.

I made a 3 and a half minute video of clips from the night. Also below are 2 videos recorded with Ben’s 360 degree camera. It’s pretty neat. During intermission all people wearing Aura Heels were to report to the stage and freestyle for the camera. Fran wanted me up there so she made me wear hers. LOL it was just Crystal and I on stage because everyone else forgot their Aura heels. Crystal, the dancer beside me in the 360 videos is one of my beautiful and talented pole student from SASS. You can read her blog here, http://polekitten.ca/

Website Change

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For several years I ran a website called NaughtyGirlFitness.com. It was a blog that documented my pole journey, had fitness and nutritional tips, workouts and reviews of other fitness related products. For the last year now I have been feeling like the ‘girl’ part of NaughtyGirlFitness doesn’t quite resonate with me anymore. I’m 33 years old and even though I don’t look it or feel 33, I also don’t feel like a ‘girl’ anymore. I think I finally grew up! LOL!

Meanwhile, for the last 3 years ever since I hit 30 I feel like I am going through another transformation of really figuring out who I am. I have been dealing with past trauma and really working on my mental health and simultaneously becoming more ‘me’. I have been interested, studying and practicing Witchcraft on and off since around 10 years old. This is something I’ve had to keep to myself due to discrimination. My family gave me a hard time with my interest in Witchcraft and studying spirituality during my teen years that I had to hide it from them because it was so heartbreaking to be misunderstood by your own family.

Being misunderstood and discriminated against is a common theme in my life but I can’t help who I am. When you try to be someone you are not, it catches up with you after some time and backfires. In my 33 years of life one major truth I learned is, it is better to be yourself then to not be yourself for the sake of ‘fitting in’. Don’t try and be someone you are not because you won’t be happy. It’s just easier being you. And if people don’t like who you really are, then that is their problem, not yours. Always be yourself.

Over the years of being a part of the Canadian Pole Community I have discovered that there are a lot of us women who also practice Witchcraft or some sort of Paganism. We are in tune with the rhythms of the moon, celebrate the new and full moon and in touch with the cycles of nature. We read tarot cards together and tap into our ‘old wise women’ abilities. There are a lot of Witchy Pole Dancers out there.

So for a while now I had been thinking about changing my site to Pole Witch as this is something that fits with me much more easily now than NaughtyGirlFitness. I have some ideas and goals where I want to take PoleWitch.com to. In the next few months I plan on launching some new things here so stay tuned!

Pole Dancing And Misogyny

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I am an intersectional feminist, and a pole dancer. By that I mean, I believe in the equality of the sexes (religiously, economically, socially and politically as well as recognizing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, and classism, are interconnected) and pole dancing is my hobby, sport and passion. Feminism goes with pole dancing/fitness like peanut butter jelly. When I teach my pole dancing classes, I help teach women to strip away their insecurities and misogynistic beliefs that they may have about themselves while building them up as strong, confident, women. I like to refer to my classes I teach as a patriarchal destroying therapeutic experience.

There has been some negative media attention on the Pole Community lately. Without going into specific details and giving attention to a specific hypocritical organization, I am going to leave them out because they really don’t need anymore attention. In fact, most of us pollers have decided that we are just going to ignore them. By not giving into their ignorance, eventually the bully will get bored and STFU.

But I will say this.. Most pole dancers are feminists and this isn’t difficult to understand. The problem with pole dancing isn’t a pole dancing problem, it’s a societal problem. It’s a problem that goes back thousands of years. It’s how we view female sexuality. Historically cis female sexuality is demonized where as cis male sexuality is not. For example, Magic Mike.
One of the beauties about pole dancing is that you can do whatever the fuck you want with the pole. You can be a sensual pole dancer, an athletic pole dancer, a gymnast pole dancer, an artistic pole dancer and yes even a sexy exotic pole dancer. And however you choose how to dance, I promote being YOU on the pole and express your beautiful art any way you want!
If you are one of those ignorant sexist people who are on the ignorant train claiming that pole dancing promotes normalizing male violence on women, then you need to educate yourself! Take a pole class and see for yourself what goes on and what we promote!


Something Wicked 2016

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The winter was dark and depressing, but the spring is bringing some better vibes and light. I was worried I wouldn’t be recovered fully for Something Wicked 2016 after having a concussion from a violent assault. So I came up with an alternate plan in case I wasn’t fully recovered; easier on the tricks and more on the choreo. Because really, it’s all about the performance!

I had this idea for some time now. A few years ago my mother in law once asked me, what’s ‘dube step’? LOL! So I took out my iPhone and played her this song, UKF Dubetep Tutorial. I decided to make an entire performance out of it.

I love the pole community! I never felt so accepted, so loved with such belonging from the pole community than I have ever felt with any group of people. The pole community accepts all people of all walks of life. When I am at a Vertica Love event I feel like I belong to a loving family of amazing artists and unique people.

12970836_1239137666114587_2178111557151481182_o And OMGGGGGG!!! I met my Goddess, Lux ATL! And I took her Stripcraft workshop and OMG every woman needs to take this classssss!!!


Cleo’s Rock N Pole

I had the wonderful opportunity meeting Cleo a couple years ago at a VericaLove event in Hamilton Ontario. Not only did I meet her, we shared the same stage! Omg POLEGASM I know eh!? It’s always intimidating to meet famous pole stars when I’m somewhat socially awkward. Cleo’s warm heart, kind and caring nature made me feel instantly comfortable talking to her. This is her reputation because everyone speaks highly of her as someone who is kind and friendly!

crnp_02b_grande I recently checked out her members section of her website cleosrocknpole.com. I watched her instructional videos and instantly fell in love with her online studio. Cleosrocknpole.com is a pole dancer’s paradise! My first impression of her online studio upon entering it was I noticed how neat and organized her site was designed. This made it easy to navigate. Cleo’s online studio lessons are organized into warmups, fundamentals, pole tricks, flexibility stretching, conditioning, choreographed routines and even floor work and chair dancing! I love that there is so much variety. Cleo isn’t the only instructor in her online studio. There is also instructional videos with Adrienne, Amber, Bad Ass, Brynn, Claudia, Crystal, Sasja, and Tiffany.

When I was first going through the instructional videos I was in my pj’s on the couch vegging out for the night. My plan was to just review the videos before trying anything out the next day. I love the ‘save video to favorites’ option so I can easily find the videos I wanted to learn from first. After about 10 minutes of going through videos, I found them so motivational, energizing and a lot of fun that I could no longer sit on my butt on the couch and watch so I impulsively had to change into my pole attire and try a few lessons. Just viewing a few videos made me unable to resist getting on my pole!

The instructional videos are detailed and well broken down to make it easy to learn from and understand. I found there to be a lot of instructional videos teaching tricks, combinations and transitions that I have not seen on other online pole studios I’ve tried. Also some of these I have never even seen before and I have been a pole dancer for 6 and a half years! These exclusive lessons also make CleosRockNPole site unique and different from others. I also noticed a lot of the instructional videos were recently new popular pole tricks. Not that older pole tricks are less value but I feel like CleosRockNPole is up to date in the pole world or ahead of times!

I think out of the online pole studios I have tried, CleosRockNPole is now my favourite. I highly recommend trying CleosRockNPole online studio for lessons whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

Check out https://cleosrocknpole.com/


Vertica Love 2015

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10410729_10155386948620597_1402542925246330952_n There was a meaning behind my Ninja Turtle routine. When I was a kid I liked Ninja Turtles but I felt weird about liking TMNT. I got message loud and clear that Ninja Turtles were for boys. I remember I had a Ninja Turtle jacket but I was teased at school because girls aren’t supposed to wear or like Ninja Turtles. I think I ended up giving the jacket to my brother. I was raised believing that girls weren’t as strong as boys. This performance is my way of saying FUCK THAT SHIT! I can be whoever I want to be! I can like whatever I want to like! Women are strong! When I saw the Ninja Turtle movie last year, I said to myself, that’s what I’m performing to someday! And I did it. If you dream it, you can achieve it.

Like my staff twirling? LOL! It wasn’t the greatest but it did the job. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Xena Warrior Princess. Xena’a side kick, Gabrielle used a staff as her weapon. She inspired me to try out some of her staff twirling skills when I would play outside in the forest/bushes. Back in the 90s, kids actually played outside with sticks and built forts. I was practicing my ninja skills on dead trees when we had no iPads or divices LOL! So when I was training for this Ninja Turtle performance, I resurrected my inner Xena Warrior Princess skills.