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My Book On Amazon!

The Ultimate Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Planner

Crafted by Sheena Marie, the Pole Witch, this planner is designed to help pole dance instructors succeed. With over a decade of teaching experience, Sheena brings you a comprehensive tool to elevate your instruction. Inside, you'll find a weekly planner, student progress tracking, attendance tracking, session planning, lesson templates, and income/expense tracking. Stay organized, inspire your students, and achieve your pole dancing goals with this expertly designed planner. Available now on Amazon.

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My Book On Amazon!

Pole Passion: A Journal of Artistry & Growth

Transform your pole journey with the 200-page Pole Passion Journal! Designed by Sheena Marie, the Pole Witch, this comprehensive tool helps you stay motivated and committed. Reflect on your journey, set goals, track progress, master tricks, and curate inspiring playlists. Plan breathtaking choreography and prepare for mesmerizing performances with our detailed checklists. Unleash your true potential and elevate your pole dancing artistry! Available now on Amazon.

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