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Pole Witch


Hello Beautiful Souls! My name is Sheena. I am a creative business owner combining my passion for digital content creation and writing with my expertise in pole dancing, astrology and esoteric psychic services.

I’m not your typical business owner; I’m a multi-faceted individual with a diverse range of interests, talents, skills and knowledge that has evolved into a thriving business. Think of me as a vibrant kaleidoscope of interests, talents, and skills that have seamlessly come together to create something truly magical. Whether it’s deciphering the mysteries of tarot cards, composing tailored astrology reports, or seamlessly transitioning from crafting digital content to creating captivating digital products – consider it all within my skill set.

Beyond the digital realm, I’m also a pole dancer, performer, and instructor. Through the art of pole dancing, I’ve found immense joy in teaching women not just to dance but to embrace confidence in their skin. With three 3rd place medals from pole dance fitness competitions adorning my journey, I bring a unique blend of strength, grace, and a dash of rebellion against the limiting forces of patriarchy.

As your Pole Witch, I cast a spellbinding array of services – from psychic readings, tarot insights, and astrology revelations to engaging webinars on tarot and witchcraft. But that’s just the beginning – I offer copywriting, virtual assisting, pole dancing lessons, and bachelorette parties with a pole dance twist. It’s a magical menu designed to sprinkle enchantment into every corner of your life.

So, whether you’re yearning for cosmic guidance, a splash of creativity, or a twirl around the pole, come join me on this vibrant journey where I weave my diverse interests into an artful symphony of success!