Pole Unveiled: From Hobby to Passion — My Pole Dance Fitness Journey

Pole Unveiled: From Hobby to Passion — My Pole Dance Fitness Journey

In 2009 at 25, newly married, I decided to dive into pole dancing. It was my attempt at getting in shape, but it spiraled into this whole new world — starting as a hobby, snowballing into an addiction, and eventually morphing me into a pole instructor. From there, I found myself not just teaching but performing and even competing.

What inspired me to try pole dancing

Back when I was 19, my friends dragged me to a live pole dancing show at the local joint. I must admit, I was all in for watching those performers do their thing. The confidence they exuded, the whole show they put on — mesmerizing! Watching the floorwork and pole dancing, it felt like a form of art mixed with some seriously cool gymnastic moves. I seriously respect strippers; it’s intense hard work. They’re the real pioneers, the ones who birthed and crafted this amazing sport we now dub pole fitness.

Zoom back to 25, hustling in my career and prepping for the big wedding bash, I stumbled upon YouTube vids of women rocking pole dance classes at a local pole dance fitness studio. Totally blew my mind — I had no clue this scene existed. So, I delved into some serious digging, did my online sleuthing, and found out that I was smack in the middle of the largest pole dance community right here in southern Ontario. Post-wedding bells, I wasted no time and jumped right into signing up for those pole dancing classes.

After my very first class, I rushed home and ordered my own pole setup for the house. I’ve still got that OG X-Pole — it’s versatile, spins, and locks into place.

About a year into my pole dancing journey, SASS Studio quickly became my go-to pole spot for the next ten years. Shanyn the owner, a.k.a. Miss Pole Dance Canada 2011, became my guru in the art of pole instruction thanks to her. I honed in on teaching beginner pole classes, the art of sexy flow, chair dancing, and hosting epic bachelorette parties.

My days on stage were lit, and I’m still going strong after taking a chill break for a bit. I’ve rocked it in some epic, high-production gigs like Sexapalooza, VerticaLove, The Toronto Pole Dance Fitness Showcase, Chromageddon, Yuk Yuk’s Showgasm, and a bunch more. Even made some TV appearances, popping up on Fail Army and MTV’s Ridiculousness for that epic pole fail — yeah, it was a funny vid. Luckily, no injuries, and I made some cash selling off the rights to that clip.

Recently, I slayed at The Twisted Grip’s Carnival of Nightmares showcase, hosted by SASS Studio and The Twisted Grip. It featured dope students, instructors, and guest performers. I was low-key freaking out before my performance, hadn’t been on stage in a while, but watching the video, you can’t even tell I was nervous.

Pole dancing hits different, you know? There’s this vibe, this allure — maybe it’s the edgy history or the way it tunes you into your own body. The rush of nailing those insane tricks, it’s straight-up amazing. My body? Transformed! Stronger than ever, and I’m 40 now, planning to rock this for life.

Teaching pole was a game-changer for me. It wasn’t just about the moves; it connected me with other fierce women. It’s a safe zone, a place to let loose, to be you on that pole. That connection, that’s the jackpot everyone’s after. Embracing your inner erotic goddess, tapping into your inner Lilith — it’s freeing. Now, I pole just for kicks. Staying pole-fit for life is the goal. It’s my sport, my love, where I vibe with my crew and let my creativity soar.

Seriously, if you’re on the hunt for a fresh way to stay fit and actually have a blast while doing it, pole dancing is where it’s at. Say goodbye to the snooze-fest gym routines. It’s a rad way to vibe with yourself and get seriously fit in the process.

To delve deeper into my journey and explore the growth and passion that pole dancing has brought into my life, dive into my YouTube channel, where you can witness my performances over the span of 14 years.

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